The reason that no one else has your DNA or your finger-print is because you are One in a Million!!!… You are have been Beautifully and Wonderfully made by God and he wants to use you just the way you are… freckles… crooked teeth… wild hair… big personality and all… to show forth his glory and his love the the world…

There’s nothing wrong with admiring the gifts, talents and abilities that you see in others if you allow their gifts to encourage and motivate you to seek God for yourself… to find out what it is God desires of you and what it is he has called you to do???

God has not called you to be a cookie-cutter image of any one else other than his son Jesus Christ. He loves you the way that he created you and wants to use you to be a blessing to many… In serving God it is not about conforming to the world’s image but to God’s image…

You are not here by accident… but by divine appointment… and God has a specific purpose for your life that he has pre-ordained before the foundations of the earth…. Because every person in the Body of Christ plays a very valuable part… your life is very significant and critical to God’s overall plan and vision for the church and the world…

As you seek the will of God for your life by seeking God through prayer, fasting and the word of God he is going to reveal himself to you in an even greater way… As you draw near to him he is going to draw near to you by drawing you into a much deeper, richer and more intimate relationship with him… God does not want you to just know about him… But to really “know” him… and know him in living color!!!…

With God, it’s all about “intimacy” and his “word”… In order to really find out what the will of God is for your life you must have intimacy with God and you must read and meditate on his word (the Bible)… Just like with your mate, child or best friend… in order to really understand their needs and wants you have to spend quality time with them in order to develop a close, personal relationship… so it is with God… In order to best know and understand what it is that God desires and wants from you personally… you must spend quality time with him and in his word on a daily basis…

I have found that in the seasons of my life when God has spoken to me the most clearly… have been when I made a dedicated and committed decision to seek him through prayer… fasting… and his word with all my heart, mind and soul… by not scheduling God around my day… but scheduling my day around God… Doing what ever I needed to do to spend more time with God… and to some it may seem extreme to spend time with God morning… noon and night… but it all depends on how much you want from God and what you are willing to do to get what you need from God…

Some may even say that it doesn’t take all that… Well I can say from personal experience that it does take all that and more… Every time I purposed to press into God by giving him more of me (my time…) he always gives me more of himself… His voice becomes clearer… he speaks to me more succinctly through the word… dreams and visions… and his tangible awesome manifested presence and power becomes even more real and evident in my life….

There are no short-cuts in our pursuit of God… What ever God has called you to do will flow out of your relationship with God…

We do not pursue God for the gifts… The gifts that God gives are just an extension of our relationship with God that he gives us for service… and to get the job done… God wants us to want him more than the gifts… he desires fellowship with us… that’s why we were created… for his good pleasure… It blesses God tremendously when we spend intimate time with him… he waits for and craves that intimacy with us because we are truly his beloved and he is ours…

As you begin to desire intimacy with God above anything else and structure your life around God and his word… not only are you going to develop even more of a love and passion for God… you will hear his voice more clearly… develop a keen sensitivity to the Holy Spirit… and you will become so totally addicted to spending time in his presence that nothing else will be able to compare or take it’s place… In a nut shell.. if you want more from God… want to hear his voice more clearly… and know his will for your life???…

“If You Seek God With All Your Heart…You Will Find Him!!!”

“But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.” (Deuteronomy 4:19)

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  1. I remember when I was seeking and seeking Him, and wanted to give up because nothing was getting better–and I didn’t blame God for not “appearing”, I blamed myself for having inadequate faith and all the rest of those negatives. Eventually, I settled into believing that my faith was sufficient–not because it was “my faith”–but because my God was more than sufficient, and HE Would Come Through For Me! God bless y’all.

  2. i wanted to tlk to the jesus but when i try to do all the time i dint her his voice or something,but i did not blamed to the god i was asking why is that?Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He’s going to be up all night anyway.and i knw God understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say them.advice me how can i her his voice?

    • God bless you Shanika!!! God speaks in various ways through the inward witness of the Holy Spirit!! Mainly through the word of God the Spirit of God and through other people and situations!!! I have also found that when you pray and fast… fasting helps to remove the spiritual clutter or distractions so that you can hear God’s voice much clearer!!! It’s almost like turning on a radio station and hearing the distraction of the static that is on the station and as you continue to fine tune the station the static clears and you’re able to hear the station with greater clarity… that is what fasting allows you to do… it makes hearing God’s voice a lot clearer!!! The more you spend time with God in a personal intimate relationship with him through prayer reading and studying the Word of God and in fasting and obeying God and his word the more clear his voice will become to you!!! God bless you!!! πŸ™‚

  3. I found this article very valuable, and a confirmation of many of the things that I needed to know.
    Furthermore if you seek God above everything else. The blessings will come, the mate if you are looking will come, the job will come. Everything else will follow.

    • Yoram please forgive me for the very late response!!! I’ve been away from WordPress for a season in the midst of starting a ministry and God just led me to get back on it and start posting again!!! you can seek God by first of all giving your life to God through Christ and receiving salvation if you have not already… through prayer!!! reading His Word the Bible and obeying and loving God with all your heart soul and strength!!! God bless you!!!πŸ™‚

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