It’s incredible how the devil works overtime on the believer to convince us that we are not who God says that we are!!! He has not been called accuser of the Brethren for nothing!!! It’s his job to do everything to discourage you!!! to frustrate you!!! to block you as a believer and cause you to give up hope not only on God but in yourself!!!

I want to let you know that God told me to tell you that you are a new creation in Christ Jesus!!! Old things have passed away and all things have become New!!! I don’t care how many times you have failed!!! How many times you fall!!! How many times you feel like just giving up!!! We’ve all been there!!! And that is something that most of us deal with and fight on a daily basis because it is truly a spiritual battle!!!

That’s why Paul said he died daily!!! Because he was constantly under the attack and assault of the enemy he had to die daily to the desires of the flesh in order that the will and purposes of God would be fulfilled in his life!!! The battle is not yours but the Lords!!! You have the Victory dear heart in Christ Jesus and there’s nothing the devil can do about it!!!

God has your back!!! God loves you and He has a good plan for your life in spite of what it looks like right now!!! Your life is in God’s hands and under his control and he said that the plans that he has for you are for good and not for evil to give you a future and a hope!!!

Be Encouraged and be of good Cheer!!! The Best is Yet to Come!!! You have not seen nothing yet!!! Because God is for you no one can be against you!!! And you already know the end of the story!!!

In the end you will WIN!!! You will WIN!!! You will WIN!!!…

Stay Faithful!!! Finish Strong!!!



A True Friend will not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear!!!

And as your friend I beg and beseech you to run and flee from Sin!!! Immorality!!! Rebellion!!! and Disobedience toward God!!!

God is not a God to be mocked!!! What you sow you shall reap!!! The devil has tricked and set some of you up to self-destruct and not only does he want to Steal!!! Kill!!! and Destroy your life but also the life of your family!!!

Repent!!! Repent!!! Repent!!! while there is still time!!! Turn your heart back to God before it is too late!!! It is dangerous to fall into the hands of an Angry God!!!

God is not only a God of Love but also a God of WRATH!!!…. And he loves you too much to allow you to stay the way you are and continue down the path of destruction into the trap that the enemy has set for you!!!… Repent and return to God while there is still time!!!!…


Coming from a background that was filled with drug addicts!!! alcoholics!!! abusers!! mental illness!!! welfare!!! poverty!!! you name it!!! It would have been so easy to have allowed my past to have kept me from my future and my destiny!!!

And at the time when I was weighed down with the embarrassment and shame of my past!!! The fact that I grew up in a foster home!! The fact that I had a mother who had 7 kids and with each child she had she had a nervous breakdown and was committed to a mental hospital!! The fact that I was on welfare and came from a family of extreme severe poverty where we did not have indoor water or an indoor toilet!!! That I was in an abusive marriage that almost cost me my life!!! The abortion that I allowed the abortion doctor and his nurse to talk me into after being tricked into taking what was supposed to be a free pregnancy test….

There were so many decisions and mistakes that I had made in my life and some things I had no control over as a result of the family that I was born into that brought me much shame and pain…


I’m here to tell you that the devil loves to hide behind shame and pain!!! And as long as you allow him to use your past and your family’s past against you and hold it over your head, you will never go far in God and you will not go far in life!!!


When I came to Christ at the age of 12 and realized that regardless of the family that I had been born into that in Christ I was given a whole new family without all the issues and drama that was in my natural family… that I was given a brand new bloodline… and that because of Christ I was a new creation in him and that I did not have to walk around with my head held down because of my past!!! I was truly set Free from my past….

Do you know how liberating!!! freeing!! and healing!! that it was to come to a place where all the burdens… all the weights… all the embarrassments… and all the shame that I had carried around for years… to finally be able to lay them at the feet of Jesus… to cast all my cares upon him and leave them there and not have to pick them up again nor have to be reminded of or have to think about them again!!!


When I casted all my cares upon Jesus that was the most liberating day of my life and I want you to know that I never looked back and I never went back to the things in my past.. the things I wish I had did… I should have did… could have did differently…

I no longer allowed the devil or people to hold my past over my head because I know with a certainty what Jesus did for me and the fact that he said when you come to him and give your life totally over to him he takes your past and throws it into the sea of forgetfulness and he remembers it no more and that means that you should not remember it anymore either in a way that would bring guilt and condemnation!!!

Today if you have not given your life to Jesus Christ I strongly encourage you to ask Christ into your heart and give your life to Him because only in him can you find the true peace joy and happiness that you are looking for!!! And if you have made Jesus Christ Lord of your life, I come against every spirit of worry, anxiety, frustration, discouragement, hopeleness, despair, depression, shame, guilt and condemnation that the enemy would use against you… I bind it and curse it and kill it at the root and cast it out of your life and I loose the spirit of peace, love, joy and a sound mind that God has given you in Jesus’ name!!!

Today determine in your heart and your mind that today will be a new day for you!!! A new Beginning!!! do not go back to the past and the past mistakes that you or anyone in your family has made.

From today focus your eyes on what God has done for you!!! On the fact that he loved you so much that he has given you life and he’s given you life more abundantly through his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

You are going to live out the good life and the good plan that God has for you and you will fulfill your destiny in God and everything that people and the devil said you would not be able to do you will do to the Glory of God!!!

You are going to walk in the blessings and abundance of God and see his goodness and mercy displayed in every part of your life… What the devil meant for evil… to bring shame and great pain… God is going to turn it around for your Good and cause it to be a Blessing!!!

God loves you and cares for you and has good plans for your life in Jesus name!!! Because if God is for you no one can be against you!!! You have the Victory through Christ Jesus!!!

Have an Awesome day in God!!!



There are times when we’re going through a particularly challenging situation that the easiest thing to do is to speak or say what we see!!! feel!!! or hear!!! But the best thing to do is to speak what the Word of God says about our situation Only!!!

Now you might be saying to yourself well that’s easier said than done because this is what my reality says!!! and I’m not telling you to ignore your reality and pretend that it does not exist because your reality is very real…

What I am saying is to place God’s Word above your reality by giving God’s word first place in your life which means regardless of what I see, feel or hear I believe God!!! I believe what God has said about me!!! and what God has promised me!!!

There’s been many situations in my life were my reality went totally against what God’s Word said and I had to make a conscious mental and a spiritual choice to believe God and take him at his word in spite of what my circumstances said.

And it was during those times when everything inside of me and outside of me was saying this is your reality… this is what’s going on in your life and this is not ever going to change that I said what the Word of God said instead that I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus!!! that my God shall supply my every need through his riches in glory by Christ Jesus!!! that no weapon formed against me shall prosper!!! in faith not words just tossed around in the air but words of faith and belief!!! It was then that I saw the Power and the Glory of God displayed in my life!!!

When you make A dedicated, on-purpose, no-matter-what decision to give God and his word first place in your life because God’s Word is him and he is His Word… and his word will not return void!!! and he can not lie!!!… then and only then will you truly have the Victory in every situation and every circumstance and come to know God as your Savior!!! Healer!!!
Deliverer and LORD!!!


This is a message that God laid on my heart this morning to encourage those of you that may be going through a test or a trial right now in your life where you really don’t understand why you’re going through it or what it was that brought you to this situation at this time in your life and you’re hanging on to a rope of hope and the rope is too short…

I want you to know that regardless of whatever you’re going through right now that God is there!!! that he loves you!!! and that he cares!!! that he has not forsaken you!!! that he is there for you and on your side and he is carrying you through…

There are times in life as we transition in our christian journey that we face situations that really just do not make any sense, have no rhyme or reason to it, that just literally hit us out of the blue and take our breath away with their suddenness and overwhelming intensity.

But in spite of the storms the trials and tribulations that we often face as believers in Christ I want you to know that God is in control of every aspect and every detail of your life and that he has a Good plan for your life…

We read in the Bible the book of Job about the story of a man who faced great difficulties and challenges in his life that he never brought on himself and yet in spite of the disappointments the discouragements and the sense of abandonment and betrayal at times that he felt during the most challenging times of his life that he never gave up on God!!!

He continued to trust God all the more!!! Even when his friends and his wife turned against him and made false accusations toward him of doing things that he had not done he continued to trust and praise God and at the end of the story it says that because of Job’s refusal to quit!!! give up!!! or doubt God!!! that in the end not only did God restore a 100 fold everything that he had lost but that his ending was Better than his Beginning!!!

I promise you dear heart that regardless of what’s going on right now your life… in spite of the ones that do not understand and the things that are going on in your life that just don’t make any sense to even you…lf you will trust and believe God he will see you through!!!

God has you and your situation in his hands and he will not let you go!!! He loves you with an everlasting love!!! and he will bring you out on the other side as long as you don’t quit!!! as long as you don’t faint!!! as long as you don’t give up!!! and you will come out in the end
as pure Gold!!! smelling like a Rose!!! and with the Victory through Christ Jesus!!!







Two weeks ago I experienced one of the most Surreal!!! Unreal!!! Life threatening incidents of my life!!

While having a routine same-day surgery performed on me I started to asperate as a result of some food that was still in my stomach from the night before that came up during the surgery and was literally choking me and causing my lungs to shut down because of the food that had gotten into my lungs!!!

So  in a flash I went from what was supposed to be a routine surgery to an EMS and Ambulance to literally waking up the next morning in ICU with a breathing tube down my throat fighting for my life!!!

And all I can say is that I thank God that I know him and that I know Jesus because that was what got me through the most critically crucial time of my life!!!

When you find yourself in a situation that you never expected to find yourself in!!! Where the rug has been literally rip from underneath you!!! and you feel like your whole world has come crashing in!!! the only thing and the only one that can take you through this to safety on the other side is Jesus Christ!!!

The next morning when I regained consciousness in the ICU with a breathing tube down my throat hooked to monitors, IV’s, tubes and a respirator that was helping me to breathe and as I was literally struggling to breathe taking gasps of oxygen. The Lord clearly spoke to me and told me to go on facebook and ask the saints to pray for me!!!

Even though my cell phone was right next to my bed I was not able to talk I was writing everything down for the nurses and the doctors… I picked up that phone and I typed a message on facebook briefly telling everyone what had happened and asking them to bombard heaven with their prayers!!! The bible says that the effective!!! fervent!!! prayers of the righteous availeth much!!!

Well I want you to know that within 2 days after the prayers started going up to heaven they took me all the breathing machine!!! Even the doctors were amazed and said that they had never seen such a remarkable recovery!!!

I may not know what you have been through or might be going through right now dear heart but I can tell you who to take it to!!!  Give it to God!!! Trust God!!! and Believe God!!!  Expect God to do the Impossible!!! Incredible!!! and Amazing in your life!!! because you are next in line for a Miracle!!!…  Your Miracle is on the Way!!!